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Meet Our Leaders


Langston Jacobs

Senior Pastor

Pastor Langston has a heart for Jesus and great compassion for the broken and the fatherless. His mission is to empower people towards freedom in Christ. He is a graduate of Liberty University, with a Masters in Pastoral Counseling in Christian Ministry. He enjoys grassroots ministry, spending time with his family, traveling and cooking for others.  Langston loves helping others discover their gifting and calling in the Lord. His message is one of transformation, hope and transparency to rise above trials by embracing the Truth of God's Word and the grace to grow intentionally.


Senior Pastor Langston Jacobs & Co-Pastor Shay Jacobs

As a husband and wife team, the servant-leaders of Greater Legacy Christian Fellowship are passionate about loving people right where they are with the love of Christ. They hold steadfast to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, fervent prayer and practical application of Biblical truths for intentional spiritual growth. With the help of the Lord, Pastor Jacobs and his wife have experienced great healing, deliverance, transformation and spiritual victory in their personal lives. It is their conviction and joy to humbly empower and equip others to also walk in victory by imparting help, hope and healing for freedom in Christ. Through their union, their influence and love for God and all people shines through. Collectively, they have actively served in various aspects of ministry for more than 35 years.


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Shay Jacobs


Pastor Shay is a true servant of God who has a strong compassion for women’s ministry, outreach, and those who have struggled with embracing their worth. With a heart for transformation, her mission is to impart hope and healing into the lives of those who have suffered from trauma, loss, and brokenness to reclaim their identity in Christ. She desires to connect humanity to a loving God and to impart truths about the Father's heart for all people. Her message is one of love and discovering God's plan and purpose of our lives.

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