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To navigate humanity to freedom in Christ through cultivating the Kingdom legacy of abundant life.


Greater Legacy Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational family church that endeavors to create a fun, safe, and loving atmosphere to connect authentically to God and humanity; give generously in service to the local church and community; and grow spiritually with great intent to cultivate a legacy of Kingdom living in the earth.



We seek to CONNECT authentically in the development and nurturing of relationships. First, by prioritizing our relationship with God, thus resulting in healthy relationships among the Body of Christ and the community at large.


We aim to GIVE our best to God in surrender of his plan for our lives. We desire to be faithful stewards of our hearts, time and talents to serve and sow generously into the vision of the ministry and into the lives of others to advance the Kingdom of God.


We press to GROW intentionally to transform into the likeness of Christ through consistent fellowship, prayer, Bible Study and Legacy Groups to come to

spiritual maturity that we may discover our god-given purpose as well as impart Christ's legacy of abundant life into the lives of others.

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